Finishing Section ...
Sl. No. Name of the m/c Brand Name Type Model Origin Capacity of per m/c No. of m/c
1 Turning Hsing Cheng Tubuler   Taiwan 15ton/day 1
2 Compactor Tub Tex Tubuler   USA 1000 kg/day 1
3 Dryer Kranz Cyncro Singele   Germany 8000 kg/day 1
4 Squeezer M/C Corino. Tubular   Italy Max.80m/min 1
5 Air blower M/C Airvac Rotary lube   India 600m3/hour 1
6 Air blower M/C Airvac Rotary twin lube   India 600m3/hour 1
7 Air blower M/C rong>Compare Screw   Germany 10m3/minit 1
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