Crossline is also audited and approved by many customers through third party auditor according to their code of conducts

Crossline has got the certificate of participating in making the National Quality Standards for garments fashion wears. Some of our products have been appropriated by international testing standard etc. Our company introduced the first-rate quality testing equipment, which provides reliable data for high-quality products. In the prices of creating healthy “seat culture”, our company persist in using the corporate culture to enhance the core competence in order to establish a good social image in the development.

Today ready made garments industry acts as the backbone of our economy and as a catalyst for the development of our country. We take pride in the sector that has been fetching billions of dollars as export earnings and creating jobs for millions of people in the country.

Crossline Company’s management believes in improving the quality of life in the society by investment. As a reflection of their belief, factory is working regularly to meet diverse compliance and working standards. Since the reorganization and expansion, factory is working for renewing and getting more internationally acclaimed certifications including: