Our Activities
Responsibilities & Duties

We always welcome inspection by any international inspection company

According to our Buyer’s requirement, we can develop all kind of samples and go for production as per their requirements. We are very keen on the quick & prompt deliveries. We also maintain international A.Q.L for standard quality products.

After receiving order sheet from the buyer’s, we need the following things to proceed the production early:

Pre-production Activities of Apparel Merchandiser

Before going to the production, some important activities should be done by garment merchandiser, which are mentioned in the below:

Activities of the finishing department are listed below

The major activities of a finishing department include thread trimming, checking garments and ironing. The folding, tagging and packing of garments are done in the packing section in the finishing department. This post covers major functions of finishing department. Mind these functions may vary while there is a change in product categories.

Our Responsibilities Conduct

We send the Styling Samples and Lab dip to the buyer with the available fabrics to get the Styling and lab dip for colors approval or comments. After having buyer’s comments concerning the Styling Approval and Lab dip as well as having the workable L/C or T/T than we send a Pre-production samples + Accessories card for the buyer approval to start the bulk production. During the production our quality control teams carry out the daily inspection and prepare the report. Than we update the same to the buyer accordingly. After finished the production, our quality control team carry out the pre-shipment final inspection and according we update to the buyer’s for the shipment permission.